Growing up in Kelowna, BC. , I spent most of my time playing a wide variety of competitive sports, primarily focused on track and field.

 Since childhood, I have always had a passion for human anatomy and supporting people in their journey to well-being. I would spend time with my mom, who is a nurse, asking her countless questions about physiology and her experiences with people in the healthcare field. Still just as inquisitive, I am highly motivated to continually learn and utilize my knowledge to the best of my ability to support patients with their unique goals.
Since being introduced to the manual therapies, both as a patient, and now practitioner, my mind has been opened to the world of preventative, and rehabilitative health. With this, I have begun to truly understand the importance of muscle balance and movement. As an RMT, my belief is that assessment, patient education and empowerment are essential when it comes to providing individuals with the best possible treatment outcomes.

Outside of Massage Therapy, I love spending time outdoors, adventuring off to the ocean as frequently as possible. I am still very active, and also enjoy the challenges of high intensity workouts such as Spin Cycle, HIIT and strength training!

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