‘Pain in the @ss’: Otherwise Known as Sciatica

‘Pain in the @ss’: Otherwise Known as Sciatica

Hello, all you cool cats in cyberspace. In the spirit of not being controversial and in the context that almost everything is controversial right now I was thinking about making my blog post for this year about something tepid and bland.
I would like to talk briefly about human trafficking crimes. Just kidding. I would like to talk about Sciatica.
Sciatica or pain in the @ss is a condition where your low back nerves are getting squished, pinched, or pulled. The result of this is sciatica in the hip, pelvis, or leg is intense pain for most people. There is also a condition that feels quite similar called pseudo-sciatica, which is a spasm in one of the muscles in your hip region called your piriformis. This spasm pinches the sciatic nerve and radiates down the leg as well. A health professional can do testing to determine the possible cause of the hip or leg pain.
So if anyone in your life has become a pain in the @ss please ask them if they have sciatica and refer them to this blog post.
Until next year,
Jon Wotherspoon RMT